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How to control laser cutting machine speed in order to increase cutting quality?

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How to ensure Laser Cutting Machine quality in maximum in cutting process?Cutting speed, auxiliary gas pressure,laser output power,the adjustment of the focal point and workpiece characteristics are several major factors affecting the quality of laser cutting.The Laser Cutting Machine speed as an important factor affecting quality of laser cutting,cutting speed control in laser cutting process is an important task.

In the laser cutting processing, the factors that affect laser cutting speed are: cutting material density, cutting material thickness, output power, beam mode, focusing spot size size. The speed of laser cutting can usually be adjusted by controlling these factors, such as increasing the output power, improving the beam pattern, and reducing the size of the focused spot to increase the speed of laser cutting.

For material laser cutting, the general cutting speed and cutting material is inversely proportional to the density and thickness;for a given laser power density and material, material cutting speed and laser power density is proportional,increase power density can increase cutting speed. Because of the characteristics of the laser beam focusing system,that is,spot size after focusing has a great impact on the laser cutting,so power density is not only related to laser output power, but also related to beam quality mode.

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