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Input Process Quality Control


(Input Process Quality Control)

During the process of material in put to finished products package,our  specialized technical personnel for tracing and control to ensure that the products are in qualified and valid range. From materials to finished products, the producing process is particularly important. Zhouxiang Company controls the producing process by following factors:

a. Metalworking shop which carries out the tracing inspection for machining process, size and precision requirement.

b. Cold work shop: they will carry out tracing inspection of welding piece and roughcast for cold work and machining process. 

c. Assembly shop: they will carry out the tracing inspection for cleaning of components, remove the burr on edges, assembly precision and lubricating. 

d. Painting shop: the painting surface should be flat with clear corner line, the appearance of painting should be clean without obvious granular object and adhesive. Also no sandpaper mark, hanging paint, blister defects is allowed. The painting color should be consistent and bright. The red paint inside of the main body should be painted evenly, and it should be boundaries clear with blue paint.

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