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Inspect Income Raw Material


(Inspect Income Raw Material)

The purchase department is responsible for outsourcing material incoming quality control. We are the machine manufacturer and need to purchase some raw materials like screw, bolt, electrical components, CNC system; large raw material like metal plate, pipes, etc. So our purchasing department needs to choose the right supplier with good quality. Through the comprehensive comparison of  factors, the supplier will be chosen and they are the qualified supplier who can meet Zhouxiang Standard. For the outsourcing goods arrives our factory, we will arrange the inspection personnel for quality control. For semi-finished goods, we will inspect if there's appearance defects or damaged during transportation; the size of key components will be measured and checked; also check the nameplate according to the purchasing applied model. For raw material, we will check if there's rust on the surface, measure the thickness, classify the inspection report according to the composition of the material. Then, the purchasing department will ratify these suppliers and confirm the purchasing standard, and record it into purchasing system and establish the supplier documents.

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